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  • Auchtermuchty Annual Flower Show 2016

    The Annual Flower show will be held on Saturday 3rd September 2016 in the Victoria Hall Auchtermuchty.

    The doors will be open from 2pm to 4pm, with the presentation of prizes at 3.30pm

    Refreshments will be available on the day and Admission will be charged at Adults £1.50, Children 50p

    Entries are confined to the residents of Auchtermuchty & Dunshalt Parish.

    2016 is a special year for us as we mark our 40th Anniversary. Auchtermuchty had an Agricultural Show which began in 1835, soon after in 1840 The Horticultural Society was formed. The two shows ran separately albeit on the same day until in 1882 it was agreed to hold a joint show on Orchardfield Park. Eventually in 1895 the shows went their separate ways. Over the years the Horticultural Show was held in various places; JervislandPark, Myres Castle, Orchardfield Park & The Victoria Hall. Sadly by 1940 there were no funds left to carry on the show. However in 1950 The Garden & Allotment Association were granted permission to hold a Vegetable & Flower Show.

    Jumping forward to 1976, The Young Woman’s Group decided to reinstate The Annual Flower Show as we know it today. So as we celebrate 40 years let’s make it a show to remember!

    Please see the Auchtermuchty Annual Flower show Facebook page for our latest news